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We are positive about our prospects and growth opportunities. We are seeking capital to help us exploit such growth opportunities including:

To expand our existing distribution and retail sales network

We intend to enlarge our existing markets by setting up sales network in various cities in PRC such as Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Our LRS licensing program allows persons who are interested to own, operate, promote and sell LORENZO furniture under our "LORENZO" trademark. Our LRS licensing program will allow licensees to capitalise on our skills, products and brand name and for us to enhance the goodwill associated with our brand name and expand our distribution network in certain markets or regions without incurring heavy capital investment and the associated risks. We also intend to increase our retail chain stores in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

To establish a stronger brand identity

We intend to further strengthen our brand identity for our "LORENZO" conceptualised lifestyle furniture for the living-room, dining room and bedroom through extensive marketing campaigns

To expand production facilities

We intend to expand our production facilities into other countries when it is commercially viable to do so.

To improve our design and production

We will continue to strengthen our team of designers, who will specialise in product design and development.We intend to seek ISO certification for our design and production processes.

To provide a comprehensive and integrated range of products

We aim to expand our broad range of products offering a total conceptualised lifestyle concept from home furnishing to bedroom furniture and into other furniture.

To explore acquisitions, investments, strategic alliances and/or joint ventures

We may consider acquisitions, investments, strategic alliances and/or joint ventures with our suppliers, customers, other furniture and/or furnishings companies or third parties as and when the opportunities arise.

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