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We will continue to enjoy growth in the foreseeable future for the following reasons.

Expansion of our own retail chain stores

The make-over of our existing retail chain stores concept into selling our own conceptualised lifestyle furniture since 2002 has contributed significantly to our growth. We are confident that our business in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan will continue to grow given new product development, the opening of new stores and strong brand presence. We believe that demand for our products is correlated to the growth of residential housing markets in the countries in which we operate. We believe that the economies of Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan are expected to grow and that there will be new demand for housing development projects throughout these countries. In particular, we believe that demand for properties in Singapore is expected to increase in the near future due to the government's plan to release more land and these should further lift sentiments in the residential property sector. An increase in the number of home buyers is likely to result in a corresponding increase in the demand for furniture and other household items. This should consequently lead to an increase in the demand for our products as well.

Potential scalability and sustainability of our international export market

The export business segment has all along helped to utilise production capacity. Though the export business environment remains challenging in the coming years, we will still explore opportunities, expand our capabilities, address new markets and enlarge our export customer base.

Potential furniture market under LRS licensing in the PRC and Asia-Pacific

As PRC develops both economically and socially, we believe that the number of middle class households will increase accordingly which will lead to an increase in consumer spending including increased spending on furniture. These consumers would be willing to pay more for furniture that is stylish, of better quality, which is branded and which better reflects their lifestyle. Plans are also underway to license the sales of our products under LORENZO LRS lifestyle concept in other parts of the Asia Pacific.

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