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The furniture industry is very competitive. There are many players and the industry is highly fragmented. Further, the industry is constantly challenged by rising costs and changing consumer tastes. We have been able to grow our business in this environment for the following reasons:

Our comprehensive and integrated in-house capabilities

We are able to design, prototype, market, produce, distribute and retail our conceptualised lifestyle furniture. This allows us to maximise our profit margin.

Extensive retail sales and distribution network

We have an extensive retail sales and distribution network covering Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, with LRS stores operating in the PRC, Malaysia, Myanmar, Brunei and Vietnam. We have also established an extensive overseas distribution network through regional distributors, wholesalers and chain stores to sell our products.

Competitive cost of our products

As an integrated manufacturer of furniture, we have better control over our costs. Leveraging on our relatively lower cost manufacturing base, we are able to compete in the highly competitive export market as well as with the manufacturers from Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Established brand name

Our "LORENZO" brand name is well-recognised in the furniture industry and in the markets we operate in, other than PRC, where our "LORENZO" brand name is increasingly becoming more well-known. In recognition of our brand, we were awarded the Singapore Promising Brand Award in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

Design capability

We consistently introduce unique and innovative designs in our products.We have a strong design team comprising personnel from different ethnic backgrounds, which enables us to deliver a wide range of products to our targeted consumer groups.

Our experienced management team and staff

We have a strong and dedicated management team led by our Executive Directors with each of our Executive Directors having more than 20 years of experience in the furniture industry.

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